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Diamond Token
“The Rarest Token On The XRP Ledger”

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DIAMOND: Luxury & Blockchain

Diamond’s vision is to create a bridge between diamonds, luxury & Blockchain.


The Greeks believed that the fire in a diamond reflected the constant flame of love. For the Indians, they were good luck charms warding off illness, thieves, and forces of evil. To others, they were stones that would heal and bestow knowledge – talismans of power and purity.


Once reserved only for royalty or the very rich, diamonds have now become an accessible luxury.


No other piece of jewellery says “love” more powerfully than a diamond engagement ring. Rare, precious, and indestructible are qualities that earned the diamond its status as a symbol of enduring love.  Ledgend has it that even cupid’s arrowheads were made of diamonds.  Diamond engagement rings are proudly worn as potent symbols of commitment, devotion, celebration, wealth, and love. Nothing beats the look of a diamond engagement ring on your hand.


The Diamond Token is powered by the XRP LEDGER and provides its users with favorable transaction costs, security, and speed.  Their near-instant deposits and withdrawals cost only a tiny fraction of other crypto or FIAT methods.


We have identified six spheres of growth in the existing digital payments ecosystem:

 • Simple crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat settlements.

 • Convenient blockchain and cryptocurrency.

 • Integration of Compact and versatile POS module

 • Inexpensive cross-border options.

 • Tokenized loyalty program.

 • Decentralized NFT marketplace.

Our efforts in the coming years will be directed toward realizing the aforementioned opportunities.

Diamonds Marketplace
Each Diamond Token represents the rights to a real diamond. All Diamond tokens link to their GIA grading report from the link “View on Diamonds”, which includes the famous 4Cs: Clarity, Color, Carat Weight and Cut Quality. Besides the 4Cs, these reports also feature additional details which can be viewed at any time.
Decentralized NFT Marketplace
Non-Fungible Tokens offer a stunning ability to uniquely identify a specific item such as artwork, as well as to authenticate the ownership of that specific item through the use of private keys and Distributed Ledger Technology.
Diamond: Validating Cross - Border Transaction Settlements
The diamond token on XRP Ledger’s consensus protocol was built to enhance transaction settlements through a cryptographic guarantee of every settlement record, as well as via its ability to track and review all transactions occurring on the network.
Diamond Token
All Diamond tokens have the highest Cut Quality of Triple Excellent. The top line of each icon shows the diamond’s specific values for each of the 4Cs. Each token represents a real diamond, differing only in colour, clarity, and carat weight from other diamonds
Diamond tokens (visual)
To the naked eye the quality of every Diamond seems identical to the next, however, the true value of any diamond is determined by the cut, the polish, and the symmetry. Excellent grades in these 3 aspects lead to the Triple Excellents Rating and then you must also consider the color, clarity and carat.
Inexpensive Cross-Border transaction
Diamond Token is powered by the XRP LEDGER and gives users better transaction costs, speed and security, with near-instant deposits and withdrawals costing a small fraction versus other crypto or traditional FIAT methods.
Who is it for?


Diamond Token (DIAMOND) is a digital currency, developed specifically for the regulated Diamond industry.


Solve ethical sourcing & grading issues

For decades, the diamond industry has faced ethical and legal issues related to sourcing and grading. Governments have tried to solve these problems through international accords, such as the Kimberley Process, and domestic regulation, such as the Federal Trade Commission guidelines in the United States. Now, the private sector may be stepping up to the plate with its solution: Blockchain Diamonds. These diamonds have secure “digital mirrors” that record not only their physical properties but also their custody — from mine to the consumer.

Our Results

We Built Diamond to Grow with You

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Transactions per second

Diamond platform is designed to provide NFT's Collection

Non-Fungible tokens offer the ability to uniquely identify a specific item such as artwork while simultaneously authenticating the ownership of that specific item through the use of private keys and distributed Ledger Technology.

Diamond Promotes Utility Value

The Diamond Token maintains a growing portfolio of limited collectible Diamond NFTs while working to establish provable authenticated ownership of NFTs tied to Diamonds.

Specified by matching the “Serial Numbers”

The purchaser could obtain an amount of Diamond from participating vendors using crypto which is linked to that particular portion of Diamond – tokenized and administered across the XRP Ledger (XRPL).


Phase 1

Launch 200 Trustlines

GOAL: Giveaways

Phase 2

Launch 7500 Trustlines

GOAL: 20% Of market cap send to BTR Voting

Phase 3

Launch 35,000 Trustlines


Phase 4

Launch 75,000 Trustlines

Banking Partnerships / Jeweler Partnerships

Phase 5

Launch 100,000 Trustlines

DIAMOND= interchangeable for physical DIAMOND, helping solve the real world problem of asset security.

works Together

We’ll Help Businesses Increase Revenue

Our efforts in the coming years will be directed towards realizing the aforementioned opportunities.